Create video for your business using just your smartphone

  • Showcase your story and the ‘why’ behind your business
  • Connect with your community so your ideal clients can really get to know you
  • Increase your organic reach on Google and social media
  • Stand out from the crowd in a busy online world
The goal is connection and trust. If you have a lot of connection and trust you will never have trouble making a living
Seth Godin

Marketing Guru


Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of video and don’t know where to start?


Don’t worry you’re in safe hands.


15 years of Producing and Directing in television has given me an in-depth knowledge of how to film and edit compelling video.

5 years of being a business owner, has given me an appreciation for new skills needing to be not only time effective but cost effective too!

So I’ve created a three-hour beginner workshop for businesses wanting to start using video now.

This workshop is so much more than just the technical nuts and bolts

(although that’s in there too!)

I want to share with you my passion for the power of storytelling, how to get and maintain people’s attention, and being natural on camera.  We’ll also go over basic filming and editing on your phone.

I know you’re busy working in your business and don’t need to learn overly technical techniques and jargon…I get it. So I promise – no geeking out on the tech stuff, just simple, actionable ways to use video to promote your business.

Imagine filming and editing your own:

  • Customer testimonials

  • How-to videos 
  • Short compelling clips for social media to increase your organic reach
  • Behind the scenes videos

Once you’ve done my workshop you can start confidently promoting your business in ways you didn’t even know existed!

Michelle, I can NOT stop making videos!!! I am loving it. My latest video has been shared 13 times, seen by 1,000 people and reached an audience (organically) of 2500 in TWO days!! UNHEARD of with any other post I’ve ever done!”
Liz Constable

Owner, Book Art Studios


What equipment do I need for this?
Just your smartphone with enough space on it to record some video! You will also need to download the Adobe Premiere Clip app onto your phone to do some basic editing.

What level is this aimed at?
This is for beginners.  Feel free to email me on [email protected] if you’re not sure if it will be at the right level for you.

Do I need a lot of technical know-how for this? Because that stuff makes me itchy. 
No, definitely not. You will learn all of the basics of shooting and editing, but no in-depth technical stuff. I keep it simple so that you can get the info you need without anything extra that you don’t have time for.

What do you not cover?
I prefer to shoot in natural light so we won’t cover artificial lighting. We also won’t go super in-depth into editing as I want this to be as quick and easy as possible for you.

Your investment: $235 inc GST for a three hour workshop.

This is in person and held in Auckland, New Zealand.

Don’t worry if you live too far away – I’m working on an online version too.  Make sure you sign up to my email list to be the first to know.

Places are limited so book now!

Michelle Sokolich
Auckland, New Zealand

021 620 600
[email protected]nz

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