Decaf Soy Latte.

Yeah. That’s my coffee order and yes it’s embarrassing.

But knowing me, I’ll be chatting to the barista, cracking a joke, and will only need to tell them once. I’m the kind of person who knows the barista’s kids’ names by the end of the transaction.

Listening to stories.
Telling them with a touch of magic.

That’s me in a nutshell.

That’s what life is all about.

Stories. And you’re the hero of yours.

My superpower is capturing your human-ness, and telling the world how incredible you are.
Video and Photography happen to be my medium of choice. It helps that I’m damn good at it too.

Screw the status quo. Wear what makes you feel good. Eat the damn fries.

You know you have an amazing photographer when a customer says your product shots are so incredible they can taste the food.



Picnic box

Want more than my coffee order?

I’m Michelle, Mama to three absolutely wonderful girls. A busy business owner.

Obsessed with pictures since I got my first camera aged 12. You better believe the first thing I did was make my friend take an arty photo of me in the chicken coop.

My penchant for exaggerating for dramatic effect lives on to this day. Just ask my husband.

Growing up my parents were therapists…they were also hard-core hippies who didn’t believe in TV! I felt so left out when everyone at school talked about Wonder Woman, but I spent hours creating and writing stories.

Listening, and telling stories, is in my DNA.

Ooooo look, fancy credentials

I worked in TV for 15 years Producing and Directing, before starting Show & Tell. I’ve worked with brands that immediately strike an image or emotion in your soul, and I’m proud to say I played a hand in that.

She has an amazing ability to stand back and discreetly film, allowing everyone to relax. She’s also an incredible editor. Both skills combined to produce a result far beyond what I had expected!!



Hatched Photography

True collaboration is my sweet spot.

We chat, I listen, we create. I’m a listener by nature, an encourager by choice.
You’re perfectly imperfect and that’s all we need. Leave the rest up to me.

What we stand for at Show & Tell

Life is a series of connections with the people who cross your path. Genuine connections – soul over surface, every time. Each connection will look different, but as long as you’re true to yourself and others, it’ll be real and honest. This is what life is all about.

Be authentic in life. Be yourself. Be vulnerable. We’re all perfectly imperfect, and by embracing every damn part of ourselves we show an authenticity that connects us with others.

Everyone is beautiful, and you’re enough as you are. Lean into your confidence, and build that of those around you. You can put yourself out there.

Empathy for others is the most important thing for a person to have. Human connection, understanding the situations of others, giving back, and truly listening – these things will help us change the world.

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