Tell your story. Show your soul.

Normal is overrated.

You deserve wild, bold, soul-deep marketing.

Video that makes people pause, photography that shows your human-ness.

You deserve to be seen.

Find your marketing sweet spot.

Which one speaks to you?

I want a helping hand to make my own videos.  Let’s call it a boost of confidence.

Show & Tell Video

I’m after a non-cheesy brand
video that speaks to my people.

Show & Tell Video

I’m looking for magical photography that shows me looking damn good.

Consider this permission to be yourself

(not that you need permission anyway)

I wanted to show the person behind the images. A snapshot look into my life and my studio. The video gives me a point of difference and really helps me connect with people. It could have been a little cheesy but it turned out perfectly.


Greg Straight
Greg Straight Art

Visual storytelling starts with a great brand movie.

You’re on the edge of greatness,
I can feel it.

Hit play to see it in action.

Who’s behind the lens?

Hey I’m Michelle. I’m one of those ‘people-person’ people, and a storyteller since ’75. Want to know my embarrassing coffee order?

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