Are nerves stopping you getting in touch?

One of my strengths is putting you at ease and making you look really natural on camera.

So don’t worry… you’re in safe hands.

Put a camera in your face and something happens…nerves, dry mouth, stuttering!! But it didn’t take us long to loosen up – that’s a strength of Michelle’s direction, she put us at ease and guided us through it so nothing was a big deal.

Megan and Jeremy Owners, Little Bird
Megan and Jeremy

Michelle has an amazing ability to stand right back and discreetly film, putting everyone at ease and allowing us to relax.

Kirsten Granich Owner, Hatched Photography
Kirsten Granich

We were quite nervous about the interview but you really got the best out of us by being so approachable and fun.

Michelle and Adam Owners, Leonard Construction
Michelle and Adam

Michelle Sokolich
Auckland, New Zealand

021 620 600