Videos to reach your
people, your way

Videos to reach your
people, your way

Create real change

…the kind that happens when humans connect with humans.

By embracing every damn part of yourself, you show an authenticity that connects you with others.  This is the place to help make that happen.  This is where we make a brand movie that makes you see how perfectly imperfect you really are.

How you, just as you are, make your business the sell-out hit that it is.

You’re the soul behind your brand, so let’s show it.

Let’s look at the stats

We always start with rock-solid strategy and a plan for your marketing ROI. This is an investment, and I want it to pay off for you. We plan objectives, look at your stats and make sure we know where we’re going to measure your ROI success.

“Our new clients have repeatedly said that the video is what made us real, and why they chose us over our competitors. My business has increased by at least 15% because of this investment. Michelle wove her magic and expertly captured our brand and culture.”

Royden McWha Kingsland Osteopaths
Royden McWha

Wanna see how it works?

Consider me your video fairy-goddess.

Brand Movie

$3000 + GST

Tell your story and attract your ideal clients with a brand movie. I’ll take the time to understand your brand, craft your uniquely compelling story, and put my heart and soul into making an amazing movie that will push you head and shoulders above your competition.

Show & Tell VIdeo SmartPhones

Soul inspiration

Pre-shoot strategy interview to nail your brand messaging.

Show & Tell Video


Storyboard created for your approval before we shoot.

Show & Tell VIdeo SmartPhones

Lights, camera, action

2-3 hour shoot in up to three locations.

Show & Tell VIdeo SmartPhones

Finished product

Two-minute duration for finished movie.

Show & Tell Video

Social media

Includes three shorter video cutdowns for social media.

Show & Tell VIdeo SmartPhones


Maximising your brand movie guide
Camera confidence course

It’s time to reach your audience, beyond the camera.

“My clients often mentioned the video was the final straw that made them hire me in the end!”


Melanie Leighton

“When I saw my video I wanted to hire myself! The video has helped me build credibility and it’s been really successful in building a cold audience with FB ads”


Natalie Toloph

Business Coach

Find your wild.

This freebie will help!

Everyone who signs up for video content gets access to my Camera Confidence course. A deep dive into body positivity and self-confidence, with practical tips and techniques to help you radiate during our time together.

The stars have aligned.

Giving Back

Videos for charity.

Because you deserve to be seen.

Twice a year I help charities spread their message by making videos for them at no charge. A bunch of amazing people get to continue their important work in the world, and I get to help tell their story. If you’d like to apply, please get in touch for a chat.

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