Is your fear stopping you being on camera?

Is your fear stopping you being on camera?

Imagine you’re at a party.  You’re trying to look cool as you walk through the room, but suddenly you bump into a table and spill your drink – all over yourself.

Mortified, you run off to the bathroom to clean yourself up, convinced everyone is watching you and thinking about how stupid you look.

Right?  Wrong.

Spotlight Syndrome is an effect that describes the phenomenon where people tend to believe that others are paying more attention to them than they actually are.  So you feel like you’re walking around with a giant spotlight shining on you.

So how does this relate to video?  When you see yourself on camera you might immediately zoom in on an aspect you don’t like about yourself – and you’re convinced everyone else must have that same thought when they see you!

But isn’t it a game changer to know they’re probably not?  I feel that just knowing about Spotlight Syndrome can help liberate us!

Here’s a personal example I want to share with you.  When I first saw this photo of myself the very first thing I did was zoom RIGHT in on my double chin.


What my mind instantly did:

I felt miserable for a hot minute.  Then I remembered that NO ONE else was zooming in on my chin like that.  Sure they might clock it, but I don’t think they would spend any longer than ½ a second thinking about it – so why was I so fixated on it?

I forced myself to zoom out…my hair looks good!  I love that colour lipstick on me!  I was able to see it for what it is, a nice photo that would work well for my website.

So if you find yourself worrying about how you look or sound on video, take a moment to think about how you would feel if you were on the other side of this interaction.

You must have seen countless images of all sorts of different kinds of faces in photos, heard lots of different voices on videos…and not thought twice about it!!

So try zooming out, keeping perspective and looking at it from a friend’s point of view.  Then go and get yourself out there…because you deserve to be seen!!!

Five ways to make a reel without dancing or pointing

Five ways to make a reel without dancing or pointing

Instagram is going all in on video.  And I know that thought is terrifying for a lot of you!!  Video takes too long, it’s too hard, and you reeeeally don’t want to dance and point at imaginary boxes on a screen.

I get it.  I love making videos but I find reels can be fiddly and time consuming.  I also can’t lip sync to save myself….believe me I tried 😅.  So I started thinking about ways we can make reels easy breezy!

Even though you might just have one simple video clip the key is making sure you’re adding an extra layer with sound, voiceover or graphics.  This not only makes it more interesting, but Instagram likes you to use their tools – particularly trending music and sounds, so it will help the reels get more distribution.


Here are my 5 ideas for making reels that are fast, don’t require lots of fiddly editing and most importantly – keep your dignity intact.

📹 Do a screen record of you showing a hack, tip or shortcut you’ve discovered that’s relevant to your industry. OR it could be a peek around your online course.  OR you could be highlighting someone who has done something clever with their website. Make sure you add a voiceover talking people through it.

Here’s an example of a copywriter giving an Instagram hack she’s found

📹 Sped up clip of you working. Maybe you’re setting something up, making something, packing orders, working on admin or hosting a zoom session.  Pair it with a trending sound or music track – and you could also add a graphic here to add another layer.

Here’s an example from a cake maker.  (I would have added a graphic at the top saying ‘watch to the end for the final result’)

📹 Customer testimonial. If you have one of these in video form re-purpose it as a reel!!  Any video can be a reel.  Again, add some music and you’re away.  You can add subtitles of what the person is saying to help grab attention.

This isn’t a reel yet but I plan to upload it as one!

📹 Montage with voiceover. Ok I know I said no editing, but I actually edit these on an app on my phone (I like Vllo or Premiere Rush).  I keep it really simple, just 5 or 6 shots in a row.  And then I upload them into Instagram and add music there.  This could be a day in the life or behind the scenes video.  The reason I don’t make these directly in reels? I’ can’t tell you how many times it’s crashed and I’ve lost stuff, or it’s erased drafts…and I just find it overly complicated.  So I avoid at all costs!

Here’s an example of mine from an outing I had with my kids

📹 Moving photos. Ok hear me out…anything that you were going to take a photo of could be a 5 second video.  Beautiful bunch of flowers from a client, a lovely salad you’ve just made, a bunch of people on a zoom call?  Just take a quick 5 second video instead.  Just make sure you have a little bit of movement in there, so either what you’re filming needs to be moving or the camera needs to be moving.  Add a trending sound and voila – you have yourself a reel.  Think of this every time you go to take a photo for your feed!

Here’s a great example of this from a food blogger.


I really hope that helps!  I’m going to be experimenting and trying out all sorts of different content as reels so come and follow along on Instagram michelle_showandtell

Three Ways To Get More Out Of Your Video Content (that you probably never thought of)

Three Ways To Get More Out Of Your Video Content (that you probably never thought of)

Have you ever been forced to buy an expensive outfit you didn’t like, only to never wear it ever again?  AKA being a bridesmaid. 

I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid for a chill friend who let us choose our own dresses.  I was so grateful not to have to endure the day in purple taffeta with shoestring straps.  I loved my dress and definitely got my money’s worth out of it!

It’s the same with getting a professional video done.  When you’ve spent all that money getting something created that’s a million times better than that wedding video shot by Uncle John with his camcorder, you don’t want to just chuck it on your website and forget about it.

So here are my top three ways to get more bang for your buck out of your videos…


Put it in your email signature

A great way to send it out on the daily.  Whether it’s an ‘About Us’ or a ‘How To’, just put a heading above it that makes people want to click through to watch.  Something like ‘Click play to find out why I started my business’ or ‘Learn to cut your own hair below’.


Send it to prospective or new clients

Attract those ideal clients that really want to work with you.  If you’re a service based business and you get an enquiry, why not follow up with a ‘Here’s what it’s like working with me’ video.  This builds the know, like and trust factor before people have even met you. 

Product based businesses, when you email people to thank them for their purchase why not pop it in there with an invitation to find out more about your brand?  Turn those one off customers into repeat buyers who love your brand.


Send to anyone affiliated with your business

Social media is a hungry beast, people are always looking for content to share.  So make a list of everyone you come into contact with in your business…suppliers, collaborators, stockists, affiliates to name a few.  If it feels appropriate why not ask them if they would like to share your video on their social?  If they’re keen send them the actual file (WeTransfer is free and great for this) don’t just send them a link to where you have it hosted on You Tube or similar.  Social platforms prefer content that is uploaded directly rather than shared via a link.


It goes without saying to get it on social media as well…but don’t just do it once and assume everyone’s seen it.  Keep re-posting and re-purposing all of your video content.  Most people haven’t seen it the first time round, and even if they have, repetition is a good thing (unless it’s an Abba song on the dancefloor at a wedding – once is more than enough for me).

So go and share those videos far and wide, and if you want more tips and how-to’s from me, make sure you sign up for my monthly round up below.

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