I could only have been more nervous if I was naked

I could only have been more nervous if I was naked

It felt like there were a thousand pairs of eyes on me…I honestly don’t know if I could have been any more nervous. Except if maybe I was naked.  I pressed play on the video and held my breath….waiting to see what the crowd’s reaction would be.


I’d been invited to present at a business event on video.  There must have been about 100 people there and I was so incredibly nervous!  I regularly present workshops to groups of around 20 and I love it, but this one was different.


The vibe was quite professional with a lot of men in the room, and my workshops are usually filled with creative women.  The video I was showing was this brand movie I had made for another business of mine where I make family movies.


Aimed at Mums, that video is very vulnerable, and heartfelt…and is so raw and personal it honestly still brings a little tear to my eye every time I watch it.

I had no idea how it was going to go down in this room full of mostly suited men – my imposter syndrome was out of control, and I was so worried they would write me off as an emotional amateur!


The video finished and I turned to look at the crowd with nervous anticipation…


Suddenly they burst out with spontaneous applause!!!  Relief flooded my body and I couldn’t wipe the stupid grin off my face.  They loved it!


This experience really cemented something for me.


People love to connect.  It doesn’t matter who they are, if you tell a story, and you’re a little vulnerable and let somebody see something real about you they can’t help but be moved.


Video is such a great tool for this as it captures more than lights, colours and sounds…it captures a feeling.  Storytelling through video takes people on a journey and lets them into your world.  As brand strategy consultant Park Howell says, giving this human element to your business means that you attract customers who buy on principle rather than price.


And we all want more of those customers!


So think about weaving more stories through your business….whether in person at events, in your blogs, or in short videos.  Be a little vulnerable with it and see what reaction you get.  I think you’ll be surprised.