A life-changing online course for people who don’t love seeing themselves on camera.

You know you need to put yourself out there…but you hate being on show.

When you see yourself in a photo or a video it’s hard to turn off the critical voices in your head. It might even send you into a spiral of self-doubt and negative thinking.

I want you to know you can put yourself out there.

I’m sharing with you tried and tested tips and techniques to:

  • Understand the psychology of perception
  • See yourself without judgement
  • Learn about camera lenses and perspective
  • Prepare for a shoot
  • Deal with seeing the results

This course is a deep dive into body acceptance and self-confidence. And I know it’s going to change your life.

Like getting a big warm hug

I’ve always aimed for the back row of any group photo, but this course has been of immense help to change my thinking about how I appear in photos and videos.  It was like getting a big warm hug and boost to my self esteem.

Sandra Maddison – Glow Coaching, Learning and Development

I wanted to do some photos straight away!

I’ve long felt awkward in front of the camera – I don’t even have any photos of me with my children which is soul destroying. The course really helped me see that while I might focus on my nose and teeth other people aren’t.  I wanted to go out and do some photos straight away!!”

Sarah Chann – Life Coach

Women – I see you.

We live in an appearance obsessed world and honestly, its crap. Lets flip it on its head, embrace our beautiful selves, and work the camera in our favour.

Get ready to come on a journey that will have you looking at yourself on screen and saying ‘damn I look good’.

I’ll give you the research, the tools, the insights – to help you start challenging your life long beliefs that you’re not good enough to put yourself out there.

Imagine actually looking forward to a shoot, enjoying yourself during it, and not hating the results!

And the best part? Your people LOVE to see you show up. Humans connect with humans.  For real connection and growth in your business you need to be putting yourself out there.

You deserve to be seen. 



How psychology proves that no one is looking at your flaws like you think they are. And how we can use this knowledge to desensitise ourselves to our own image.

Why we look so different when we look in the mirror vs a photo or video someone else takes of us. Knowledge is power and we can use this to our advantage.


Practical tips and techniques you can use before, during and after your shoot to channel your confidence and really shine.

Lots of pearls! 

The assessment of your own photo session was an eye opener, especially appreciating how others see you.  Lots of pearls in that segment!

Carmel MurphySpeaker

No one is looking at me with a microscope

The course truly explains why I don’t feel great when taking videos and photos of myself.  The information was really valuable.  Now I have a lot more awareness that no one is looking at me with a microscope! I’ll go into taking pictures in a more relaxed manner now

Irina Sweeney – Life Coach

You deserve to be seen as yourself. Your whole, beautiful self.

So are you ready to start your confidence journey and change your life?


Boldness begins here.


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