Don’t want to dance and point?

It’s social media, but for grownups

Gain confidence in front of the camera and learn some (grownup) video ideas that will help you connect with your people – not a lip sync in sight!

You know video is important to your business but where do you even start? It feels too overwhelming to even talk to the camera let alone perform!

Join the challenge to have me hold your hand – metaphorically cause otherwise that would be weird – as you create videos that are authentic to you.

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Each day has two levels so you can pick-a-path based on how comfortable you feel in front of the camera.

“I’m really loving the challenge and can see a difference already!! I have a lot more confidence and I’m actually enjoying doing the videos, even though it’s way, way, way outside my comfort zone”

Kylee Long

Oh hello, I’m Michelle and I’m obsessed with video…

After 16 years of working in television and video production I’m here to share all of the tips, tricks and insider info I learned along the way, so I can help you create great content using just your smartphone (and a little bit of know-how).  Take a peek at my latest reel by pressing play…

Who is this for?

It’s for the grown-ups! People who can’t bear to dance and point at little boxes on a screen, but want to use that video loving algorithm to get their business seen.

Every daily email has two levels in it:

Rookie – You’re really nervous about speaking on camera and might never have done it before – but you know it’s time to give it a go in a safe and supportive (virtual) space.

Veteran – This is not your first rodeo, you’ve been on camera before but want some fresh ideas of what to say in a way that grabs your ideal clients or customers and makes them notice you.

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